Galiano Island Books Review - Knife Sharpeners Bell

Galiano Island Books
Reviewed by: Seonaid Renwick

Lee handed me this book and said 'Please read this and tell me what you think' and I allocated it to the burgeoning pile of books and papers next to my bed. Something in the cover lured me in and then something in the first paragraph would not let me go.

Rhea has written a novel so sensitively attuned to the tumultuous time and place it is set in and with such attention to the details of each character that it reads like a memoir. Take an overly sensitive young Jewish girl (she attaches ominous meaning to the sound of the knife sharpener's bell), living in Winnipeg during the Great Depression who is then uprooted and moved with her family back to Stalinist Russia and then back again to Canada in the fifties, and imagine the stories she would have to tell about her life -it's all here in this beautiful book of family, loss and the meaning of home.

Rhea Tregebov is also a gifted poet and it shows -The Knife Sharpener's Bell rings true~ Reviewed by Seonaid Renwick (Staff Pick)

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